How do we know what we know? Oct. 1. 2017

How do we know what we know? That’s the fundamental question at the root of the study of metaphysics and one of the key questions we need to address when we ponder our part in the evolution of consciousness.

We will be examining one of the foundational paradoxes of being human: We are mere sparks in the vast darkness of the cosmos—AND—we are an incarnation of consciousness itself. Maybe we are the universe’s consciousness experiment. If so, a path for the evolution of consciousness has clearly been set before us in ancient teachings that have been incorporated into Unity’s principles. Join us this Sunday as we explore what it means to be an experiment in consciousness and how we can fully and intentionally participate in the process.

Join us for service as we dive into this exploration. It should be a beautiful fall morning! I look forward to seeing you again!

With much love, Linda

Listen to the Sermon Here:  Putting on the Mind of Christ