January 21, 2018 – The Courage To Imagine

Everyone changes the world; but, not everyone transforms the world. Changing the world is easy. In truth, we do things every day that change the world, for the good and otherwise. Change is inevitable. However, transformation is optional; and further, it is not guaranteed. In order for change to transform our experience, we must engage the changes, and employ the creative power of our imagination in innovative ways that help us to envision new possibilities for our experience.

However, too often, we resist change, When we do, we may miss the transformative opportunities that it offers.

The essential question before us is: do we wish to experience change for change’s sake, or do we desire for change to truly transform our experience? 

This coming Sunday morning, Licensed Unity Teacher, Rick Busby, explores how we might more courageously employ the creative power of our imagination to insure that changes are truly transformative.