Women’s Empowerment Circle

Gina Waterfield has volunteered to facilitate A Women’s Empowerment Circle. Therese Finn has graciously offered to co-facilitate! 

 As women our roles are wide and varied and learn through all of our experiences over the span of a lifetime. Every one of us has valuable insights to share as a collective. 

WE are better together when we engage in an open dialogue, sharing with each other! 

WE create and breathe life into our dreams and ideas when we honor the individual gifts we have, together! 

WE are biologically wired to commune as a tribe, supporting, nurturing, and recognizing our strengths, fears, hopes, trials, joys; all of our feelings and thoughts! 

This women’s group will be offered after service from 11:45-12:45 pm one Sunday a month.

Note: Also, since it will lunchtime, perhaps we can contribute a few healthy snacks. 

Join us this Sunday at 11:45 in the Library room at the Chamber of Commerce Bldg. for an introduction and to exchange ideas about going forward with our circle!