May 5, 2019 – Did it Happen?  Does it Matter?

Did it happen?  Does it matter?Listen to the Sermon

The event we celebrated on Easter is one of the greatest plot twists in the history of storytelling, but does it have any bearing on our day-to-day lives? Even those who were there at the time it happened had a hard time grasping the implications of this event. They grasped the great power it revealed (mostly, slowly, from time to time), but found it difficult to live their lives consistently in accordance with the revelations of this great cosmic turning point. This Sunday we will look at a case study of these revelations and how they play out on a day-to-day basis. Our “case study” will be presented a bit differently—in a way that I hope will be engaging and compelling. Join us this Sunday as we see how we can make the power and the promise of Easter part of our daily lives. I can’t wait to explore this with you.

This Sunday:

If you want to prepare for this Sunday read the Book of Acts 5:12-32. If it perplexes or disturbs you—especially the end—then it has done its job!