May 12, 2019 – Power of Constructive Thinking

“Living boldly and vibrantly does not mean denying my fears,” said the Listen to the SermonDaily Word a few years ago. That DailyWord offered this sage advice: “I acknowledge any feelings of fear or anxiousness, but I do not let those feelings govern me or eclipse my awareness of God’s omnipresent good. Instead, I recognize that now is the time to deepen my faith.”

This deepening of faith aligns with one of the aims of the Wisdom tradition Cynthia Bourgeault describes in Wisdom Jesus: “increasing our capacity to be available to truth at a subtler and much more intense level.” Bourgeault contends that during the season known as Eastertide, the 50 days following the resurrection, there is an intense spiritual energy available which can be particularly powerful if we don’t lapse into business as usual. This energy can, as Bourgeault describes, act as a catapult to our transformation—our shift from fear to faith.

There are several means by which that shift can happen. New Thought teacher Emmett Fox elaborated on one of those means in his Power of Constructive Thinking. This Sunday we will engage with the means Fox advocated so that we may experience what the Daily Word affirms:

Shifting fear to faith, I will prevail.
Whether it is a physical challenge,
emotional struggle, or financial concern,
trusting in God, I always know what to do,
where to go, and what to say.
With faith, I boldly and vibrantly
live each day to its fullest.