The Perfect Question – June 23, 2019

I took a class in seminary from Rabbi Neil Blumofe, Senior Rabbi of Austin’sListen to the Sermon Agudas Achim community. The class, titled The Perfect Question, introduced us to the practice of “midrash,” a method of responding to contemporary problems by probing the connections between current realities and the ancient truths found in Scripture, connections that help us craft new stories, new possibilities out of which we can direct our lives. Midrash is not so much about finding the right answer as it is about seeking insightful questions. When you think about it, answers tend to cut off discussion—I know the answer; case closed. Questions open up new levels of thought, new dimensions that aren’t constrained by static answers.

This Sunday we will ponder a particular question, a question that can help orient us when life hands us a curveball, orient us when life seems overwhelming, a question that can inspire us and open a portal to new life, new possibilities, no matter what our current circumstance.

Join us this Sunday when we explore, maybe not the perfect question, but certainly a perfect question. I can’t wait to explore this with you! Love, Linda