The Lively and Divine Mythical Stories

Ann Kennedy and Pam Braunig are happy to present The Lively and Divine Mythical Stories, a six-week class featuring mythical insights from Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, at 3:30 on Thursdays beginning September 26th. The cost of this program will be $60 for all six weeks, including a love donation to Unity Church of Georgetown.

A sign up sheet and directions to the location are on the information table in the back.

The 6 classes that Ann Kennedy and Pam Braunig will co-teach will
feature the insights of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and the continual thirty
year study of the presenters with well-known mythologists in the field

Myth is a metaphor and the imagery is symbolic of spiritual powers within us. Myths do not come from a concept system; they come from a life system. The classes will be more than a presentation of fascinating stories.
They will be a vision of a richer inner life available to anyone willing to go
on the initiatory adventure within us.

Dates: Thursday, September 26 – November 14 (October 10 and 31 will be skipped)