What is Truly Worth Desiring? – Sept. 8, 2019

Debby Cole was our Guest (Friend) Speaker

Last Sunday we began an inquiry regarding the nature and manifestation of a flourishing life—what exactly does a flourishing life look like? What criteria do we use to determine our vision of a flourishing life? We introduce the work of Professor Miroslav Volf and his work at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture whose mission is “to critically examine and promote practices of faith which advance authentic human flourishing and the global common good.”  By “flourishing life,” says Volf, “we mean the good toward which humans are meant to strive. It names not so much things we desire, but the ultimate goal of our striving and the values that determine what is truly worth desiring.”

           What is truly worth desiring?  That may be one of the most critical questions we ask. How do our desires promote—or detract—from a flourishing life? Join us this Sunday as we continue a conversation about what Volf asserts is the entirety of the Christian faith: flourishing life—good life, true life, abundant life, or the life that really is life. I gained so much by your insights last Sunday. I hope you will join the inquiry this week. We have much to learn from one another. With so much love, Linda