Flourishing Life – October 6, 2019

Last Sunday UCOG members and friends gathered at Carol Lights house for our 5th Sunday celebration. Carol generously opens her home on 5th Sundays as a place for our congregation to get to know each other better and to enjoy the magic and artistry of her hill country home. If you have not had a chance to partake of the joy of the 5th Sunday celebration, mark your calendar now for the next 5th Sunday, December 29th. It is a rich and sacred time.

This Sunday
Almost every culture has a fable similar to that of the Ugly Duckling—a tale of one who doesn’t fit in, doesn’t live up to his full potential because neither he nor those around him see who he truly is.  Flourishing life depends on knowing the essential truth of who we are. Join us this Sunday as we explore a way of seeing that reveals who we are meant to be and a way to the flourishing life that is our true inheritance.

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!