The Church’s Business – January 12, 2020

Arise, shine; for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
Isaiah 60:1
The church’s business is simple really; it is in the business of:

  • faith—not the fair-weather kind, but the kind that holds up in stormy weather;
  • hope—not the Pollyanna kind, but that which is grounded in Truth and experience, even if the experience is gleaned from trusting others who have found hope; and
  • love—not the sappy Hallmark kind, but the harmonizing, attracting, unifying power demonstrated by kindness, patience, endurance, forbearance, open-mindedness, open-heartedness, forgiveness, rejoicing in the right rather than gloating over the wrong.

The church’s business of cultivating faith, hope, and love is simple, but as the saying goes, not necessarily easy. It can’t be outsourced; it depends on you. Join us this Sunday to fortify yourself in the church’s business, so that you may be the faith, hope, and love that will shape our world in 2020. Could there be a more important endeavor?
What an honor to be your companion on this journey!  Linda

Affirmations for January:

  • I am continuously connected to Spirit—one with a higher power far greater than my human self.
  • Through my Spirit connection, I discover more of my expanded spiritual purpose.
  • I welcome new possibilities now born in me.