Is There an Inner Reality? – January 19, 2020

    In the book How to Let God Help You, Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore is quoted as saying: “the mistake some Unity teachers make is that they believe in Christ intellectually and deal with this truth intellectually whereas spiritual things must be spiritually judged. They have no idea of the esoteric [inner, mystical] meaning of Jesus Christ’s words. It is the spiritually blind leading the blind.”  

          Myrtle’s assertion has ancient antecedents. In his book, Mystical Christianity, the internationally known Jungian analyst John Sanford said that the early Christians and their Hebrew predecessors “unapologetically directed their gaze into the world of the soul. For them, the soul was a living reality that needed no rational explanation,” in fact it was this living inner reality that allowed them “to see the profound and meaningful ways God was working through history in manifest life and in the soul itself to bring about the divine plan.”

          Is there an inner reality? If there is, does it reveal a divine plan? This Sunday we will pursue these questions and look at one “trap” that can divert us from this pursuit entirely. I am so thankful for you my beloved sojourners and can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Love, Linda