Online Meditation Class with Rebecca Zambrano 4-5-2020 to 5-03-2020

Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm
Beginning April 5th through May 3rd 

Please note, the ending date has changed. iRest will NOT meet on Mother’s Day May 12th.

These sessions will introduce the meditative practices and breath exercises of Integrative Restoration Therapy (iRest). These practices can teach you how to tap into your inner resources so that you can respond creatively, rather than reactively, to life’s challenges.  Research has shown that iRest helps many people to lower anxiety, heal PTSD, improve sleep and manage chronic pain. .

Each 1-hour session will consist of a short practice that’s easy for you to use on your own in small doses throughout the day and a longer practice that connects you with your divine nature. Most people find these practices deeply relaxing and even blissful.    

Let Rebecca know you are interested in attending HERE: