What is Freedom? July 5, 2020

The Spirit of the Lord  . . .
has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. . .
to proclaim liberty to the captive . . .
 to let the oppressed go free

Luke 4:18 

          Liberty. Freedom. When Jesus pondered what to emphasize in his very first sermon—the sermon, which according to the Gospel of Luke, launched his ministry—he focused on these two themes. It did not go well. Though it was delivered in his hometown in Nazareth, his inaugural missive so incensed the congregation that they drove him to the edge of a cliff and tried to throw him over (Luke 4:28-30).

          Liberty. Freedom. They have a way of evoking the best and the worst in people. What is freedom? Where does my freedom interfere with your freedom? Who gets to be free?

          When the Christ child was presented at the Temple, as was the custom, the prophet Simeon was on hand and predicted that this Holy One had come “to reveal the hearts of many.” Perhaps that’s why the adult Jesus chose liberty and freedom as foundational topics for his ministry—what one does with one’s freedom and liberty reveals volumes about the contents of one’s “heart.”

          This Sunday we will pause our study of Finding Yourself in Transition to ponder these two Divine Ideas. I have been richly blessed to collaborate with one of our dear congregants, Mia Hunterbliss, on this week’s service. Mia brings an important voice to the conversation and has been instrumental in selecting our readings and music. Working with her on this has been a true joy.

Please join us this Sunday. Your presence makes a difference! I look forward to seeing you! With much love, Linda