Finding Yourself In Transition Week 4 – July 12, 2020

Note from Linda

An unexpected ending may trigger our anxiety about the unpredictability of life. It may create a sense of being out of control and vulnerable to the apparent random events that impact and shape our lives. An unexpected ending does not fit into our vision of life functioning as a “well-oiled machine” that we personally operate.

Finding Yourself in Transition, page 47 

I guess it is not surprising that “anxiety” claims one of the top spots in the pantheon of reactions to the massive transitions that have been underway since the start of Covid-19 and that continue through the vast social changes underway. Many of you have reported experiencing anxiety these last months. Even those who have been successful in redirecting anxious thoughts have found that the body has a “mind” of its own and registers both the individual and collective emotions pervading our world. As Robert Brumet says in Finding Yourself in Transition, acting like it is not happening does not make it go away, and in fact can exacerbate it. All the more reason to engage in our timely study of this book! This week we begin to get at the heart of that which can cause anxiety so that we can increase our understanding of its source and our understanding of a transformative (not mechanistic) way through it.  Rev. Eileen Ramsey joins us again to offer her wisdom and insight from having not only taught this book, but also having navigated a major life transition through its teachings. I look forward to joining with you Sunday online and in our Zoom discussion rooms. If you have not braved these breakout sessions, I highly recommend giving it a try. Each time I have participated in these small discussions I have been richly rewarded. Also, if you have not been willing to turn your camera on during our Sunday service, please consider doing so! It is a great service for us to see each other! Don’t miss Sunday’s opportunity to not only deepen our spiritual partnerships with each other, but also get the tools we need for using our current circumstances for a spiritual awakening.  I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

With much love, Linda

This Sunday: Rev. Eileen Ramsey joins the conversation

Our service last week let us examine our core beliefs about freedom and equality in a nation founded on those enchanted ideals. But are those ideals carried out in everyday living? For some, the answer is yes. For others, not so much. We were invited to look deeply within and examine our core truths and beliefs to see where we may become more open in our perspective, to be willing to carefully listen to our brothers and sisters whose experiences are different from our own. We are invited to love one another more deeply. We are invited to intentionally end an old way of thinking and perceiving our world.

In this week’s service, we will look at “Endings” in the fourth chapter of Robert Brumet’s book, Finding Yourself in Transition – Using Life’s Changes for Spiritual Awakening. We, as a culture, tend to rush through endings, even labeling them as “bad” or as a “failure.” We tend to minimize or overstate the effect endings have in our lives, wanting to move forward and leave the past behind. Yet there is a deep richness in examining our experiences of “disengagement,” disidentification,” “disenchantment,” and “disorientation” as we become willing to discover our true selves, our true nature.

See you Sunday!  Eileen

Reflection Questions

Chapter 4

  1. The author tells us we carry a set of primary questions which have been formed early in our life. The answers we’ve developed to these questions frame our sense of reality, yet life’s changes can alter our answers and thus alter how we frame our sense of reality. How did the changes in your life alter the answers to these questions:
    1. Who am I?
    2. What is real?
    3. What is my life about?
    4. What is my place in the world?
  2. The author discusses the difference between disenchantment and disappointment. Have you ever had a firmly rooted belief shaken to its core, so much so that you were not merely disappointed, but questioned your very sense of reality?