All Who Wander – August 9, 2020

“Not all who wander are lost.” 

J. R. R. Tolkien

“Jesus answered, ‘You do not know now what I am doing, but later you will understand.’” John 13:7
I’ve been pondering life during the pandemic/economic/social justice changes we have been experiencing. In the 1990’s I attended a conference in which the speaker said, “If things in your life are really messed up, the hand of God is stirring the pot.” That one sentence stuck with me all these years, particularly during the times when life seemed especially “stirred up.” Now is one of those times.
Those “stirring” periods have always come with an ending of some kind, a cross-country move, the passing of loved ones, or a change of employment. In each ending, I was asked by an inner guidance to explore my personal identity, the question always arising, “Who am I without…” When I finally came to the realization that I wasn’t defined by outer places, circumstances or people, the dawning recognition that I was a unique creation of God, part of the whole of God, expressing uniquely as myself in this life, took over. With that understanding, I could realize I was never really at a loss for who I was or what my purpose was at any time.
This week, Unity minister and teacher Robert Brumet, author of Finding Yourself in Transition, explores those stirring times, using the Israelites as our example. On the surface, they had every opportunity to trust God through Moses’ guidance, and discover their new and true life meaning and purpose. They even had major signs and wonders – manna appearing each morning, water pouring from rocks, pillars of cloud and fire – during their wandering. God proved, over and over, his steadfast love and support for them, yet, they repeatedly relapsed into doubt.  
Reminded of the Israelites, how are we ignoring the signs and wonders, coincidences and synchronicities of God? How are we doubting our inner Moses, our spiritual nature, who has direct contact with the Mind of God? The stirring experience of our current wilderness is the perfect opportunity to stop, reflect, and notice how God has actually prepared us for this moment in time, and continues to lovingly support us.
Whether or not you are reading along in our study of Finding Yourself in Transition, join us! 
With great love for you,
Rev. Eileen