What Represents Security for You? – August 30, 2020

Passing of the Peace (a.k.a. “meet & greet”)  Resumes this Sunday (at least as an experiment)  
So come ready to say hello to everyone!

When we met in person our congregation enthusiastically opened our service each Sunday with what was known as the Passing of the Peace or Offering the Peace of Christ to one another. It never dawned on us that we might be able to do that online, but this Sunday we are going to see if it can be done. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We will be continuing our exploration of the nature of the “Promised Land,” looking particularly at the ideas Brumet introduces regarding security and stability. What makes you feel secure and stable (really)? I hope you will join us in this exploration and in our experiment of offering the Peace of Christ to one another. Seeing each of you is such a joy—I look forward to it each week!!

With love and blessings, Linda

Questions for this Sunday:

What makes you feel secure? What represents “stability” for you?