The Prodigal Son and the Second Half of Life – Oct. 25, 2020

  Last Sunday we talked about the idea Richard Rohr describes as our “loyal soldier,” an inner conscience we develop to get through the first half of life safely. As we heard last week, that inner conscience/loyal soldier teaches us to look both ways before we cross the street, to develop appropriate impulse control, to learn the sacred “no” to ourselves that gives us dignity, identity, direction, significance, and boundaries. We must learn these lessons to get off to a good start! 
          Our inner conscience/loyal soldier is largely what Freud called the superego which can feel like God when we have nothing else to guide us, but as Rohr notes, it is a terrible substitute: “What reveals its false character is its resistance to change and growth. It substitutes small, low-cost moral issues for the real ones that ask us to change, instead of always trying to change other people. Jesus called it ‘straining out gnats while swallowing camels’”.  This Sunday we will draw upon an ancient, iconic text that speaks not only to the costs of holding on too long to our loyal soldier, but also to the freedom and love we experience when we let it go. Penny Seay will be on hand this Sunday to walk us through an experience of this ancient text. Bring a pencil and paper and get ready to take a deep dive into this ancient, transforming Wisdom. What a sacred gift to be on this journey together! Love, Linda