Hope – Nov 15, 2020

Hope nonetheless.
Hope despite.
Hope regardless.
Hope still.
Hope where we had ceased to hope.
Hope amid what threatens hope.
Hope with those who feed our hope.
Hope beyond what we had hoped.
Hope that draws us past our limits.
Hope that defies expectations.
Hope that questions what we have known.
Hope that makes a way where there is none.
Hope that takes us past our fear.
Hope that calls us into life.
Hope that holds us beyond death.
Hope that blesses those to come.

–Jan Richardson, poet, artist, writer

          I had the honor of meeting last night with five UCOG congregants—Claudia Roberson, Louise McEvers, Trish Phelps, Harriette Spires, and Sue Trisler—who embody the hope expressed in Jan Richardson’s poem above. These women have engaged in a deep study of Falling Upward and can report first hand what the book’s author, Richard Rohr, points to when he says, “until we are led to the limits of our present game plan and find it to be insufficient, we will not search out or find the real source, the deep well, or the constantly flowing stream.” If you could use some “hope nonetheless, hope despite, hope regardless,” join us this Sunday to hear the authentic strength and hope of these five truth-seekers. 
          This Sunday will be a doubly blessed service as UCOG congregants Kathi Harrison, Kay Ellen Shores, Liz Sackett, Rebecca Zambrano, and Alice Cooper take over the Zoom helm so that the Scwanke’s can celebrate their daughter/sister Margaret’s wedding. Many, many thanks to all who have stepped forward this week to serve “Hope that calls us into life.”  With much love, Linda

*Thanks and gratitude to Penny Seay who provided the above poem.