The Practice of Thanksgiving – Nov 22, 2020

If ever I begin to feel down about something that seems to be wrong in my life, I immediately turn my attention to what is right. Expressing gratitude to God for my good lifts my spirits. —Daily Word

The practice of thanksgiving can lead to gratitude—an attitude, a disposition, that can uplift our spirits. Uplifted spirits are more apt to find a way forward, more apt to tap into creative ideas, more apt to lead to reconciliation, unity, and flourishing both individually and communally. This is the Wisdom behind the apostle Paul’s advice to give thanks, not for all circumstances, but in all circumstances.  This practice opens doors to the Realm of God consciousness within. It is a practice that is amplified in community so please join us this Sunday as we participate in the practice of thanksgiving—in songs, readings, and sharing with one another. Especially if you are finding it difficult to feel gratitude, come see how the practice of thanksgiving can give you a much needed boost. We need one another. We need you.

I hope to see you, Sunday! Love, Linda