Advent: The Season of Waiting – December 6, 2020

One of my favorite songs of Advent—the season of waiting, the season of promise—is, O Come, Emmanuel. It’s not just the lyrics or even the melody, though both are beautiful. It’s that in the hands of musicians who will allow it, the song captures a raw longing, the soul’s longing for an experience of, a palpable awareness of, Emmanuel—God with us. As this unusual year begins to wind down, perhaps our souls call out more keenly for Emmanuel to come into our hearts and minds, to touch us all deeply, to heal, restore, comfort, and assure. Our Sunday morning worship services this Advent will focus on opening ourselves—through the beauty of fine art, music, silence, and the Word—to a deeper experience of this sacred season, a season that prepares us to expect Emmanuel to come to us in unexpected ways. Experiencing beauty through art, music, silence and the Word is richer in community. Your presence on Sundays makes it richer.

I look forward to sharing this sacred time of year with you.

With so much love, Linda