God’s Time – December 20, 2020

A week from tonight we will gather for our annual Christmas Eve service. We will listen to ancient stories of hope and promise and the light that shines in a darkness that is no match for incarnate love. Even if we’ve heard them many times before, these stories draw us in because like all stories they are about us and it is always possible that when we listen one more time we may be given an important clue  to the meaning of our lives, a deeper glimpse into who we are and what we came here to do. Our Christmas Eve Zoom service will begin at 5:30 pm, so please log on a few minutes before then and invite your friends and family—there are no geographical constraints this year! Also, have a candle ready to light at the end of the service as we welcome the birth of the Christ together, singing Silent Night.
          The following Sunday we will be joining Rev. Eileen Ramsey’s congregation in Cuchara, Colorado for a Burning Bowl Ceremony, a ceremony to declare all those things you are ready to release this year. Don’t miss this! One can only imagine there will be plenty to release from this year! That Zoom service will start one hour later than our regular starting time and will require a new, one-time Zoom registration link. All the details are below, so please register now while you are thinking about it and mark your calendar for Sunday, December 27th at 11:30 am (Texas time) to logon and start preparing the ground for a new start in the new year. 
          That new year will begin at UCOG with a White Stone ceremony on Sunday, January 3rd. This is an event each year where we listen for what word or phrase will guide us in the year to come. Our White Stone ceremony will be led by Mendhi Audlin, author of What If It All Goes Right? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility. Mendhi is a popular Unity speaker and it is hard to imagine anyone more appropriate to lead the White Stone service this year. That service will be at our regular time and will require the regular Zoom link.
          This Sunday, the last Sunday in Advent, we will continue with our aim of slowing down, getting quiet, going within, and awakening to the living Presence. We will once again use music, art, and ancient Wisdom, to open and prepare us for this holy, holy moment in kairos time, God’s time, when the Word becomes flesh and lives among and within us. Please join us. Your presence is a gift and a ministry to our congregation. With much love, Linda