Preparing Our Hearts – January 10, 2021

Unity teaches that “words have the power and authority of the originating consciousness.” That’s a mouthful, but any effort to parse and understand the profound implication of this tenet is worth it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture of this sculpture by Albert György is more than sufficient to communicate whatever I might have to say regarding what took place in our nation’s capital this week.

This Sunday join us for a reflective exercise based around the idea of “preparing our hearts” for the new year. This will involve time to “talk with God” about aspects of last year and what we want to create for this year. It is somewhat of a completion of the burning bowl/white stone ceremonies—not just letting go as the burning bowl ceremony invites, but a chance to look for where we found God in the midst of all that has gone on, looking at what we want to set our sights on in the upcoming year—more than just a word or phrase. The aim of this reflection is to begin discerning the “originating consciousness” we will give voice to this year. I’ve missed you and look forward to our time together. With many blessings, Linda