The Resurrection Reality – April 18, 2021

Last  Sunday we began an inquiry into the nature and character of a life lived in the context of resurrection, how this remarkable idea/event plays out in our day-to-day living, and how we can prepare ourselves to live into the reality of resurrection’s promise, use these promises to shape what’s next in our almost, sort of, nearly-there post pandemic life. As painfully obvious as this sounds, resurrection reality is characterized by a particular experience of aliveness—an aliveness generated by a sense of purpose (“As the Father sent me; I send you.”), aliveness generated by the power of the Indwelling Spirit (“Receive now the Holy Spirit); and aliveness generated by an increasing consent to letting go, forgiving ourselves and others (“If you let go anyone’s transgressions, their transgressions are released; if you do not let them go, they are retained.”) This Sunday we will focus on another iconic story that illuminates the particular experience of aliveness resurrection reality points to and those dispositions conducive to experiencing this life/aliveness in the fullest sense. I hope you will join us. Your presence on Sunday morning is a ministry; it makes a big difference.

With much love, Linda