The Right Side – May 2, 2021

In his book, “In the Flow of Life”, Rev. Eric Butterworth opens the second chapter with an interesting statement – “Some people get all the breaks!”  Have you ever noticed that some people seem to live a ‘charmed life’ and some barely scrape by?  Are you one of those people, or are you one who notices it in others?  It seems as if some people are on the right side of life and others are not.  But are there really right and wrong sides?

We’ll see in this week’s lesson that more correctly, there are right and wrong sides of consciousness, and consciousness can be changed. As we learned last week, we can choose Love over fear. When we let love, represented by the disciple John, inform our intellectual faith, represented by the disciple Peter to experience the presence of God, we, too, will discover the miraculous life that was present all along. We will discover that we truly live in the abundant life and love of God.

Warmly,Rev. Eileen