Called to What? – October 3, 2021

“Ecclesiastical,” a fancy word used to refer to things relating to church, comes from the Greek word ekklēsía a compound word—ek, meaning  “out/ from/to,“ and kaléō, “to call”.  It refers to people who have been called out from the world and to God. Another Greek word translated as “church,” koinoia, refers to a type of fellowship or communion between those who have been called out from the world to God.  That you attend our Sunday worship services might indicate that you are one who has been called out from the world to God, called to fellowship with one another, but does that have to take the form of public worship? You could be home watching your favorite spiritual teacher on Youtube. You could be out walking in the woods, because we absolutely find God in nature. Does gathering together for public worship serve a particular purpose? (Spoiler alert: I think it does!) What might that purpose be?

This Sunday we will continue this exploration, begun last Sunday, by Rev. Tommy De Leon. It will be wonderful to see you! Love, Linda