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Unity Church of Georgetown By-Laws

UCoG Bylaws Revised Accepted Nov 2019

Board Elections

Your Board of Trustees are united in creating a continuous space of love for our spiritual home and the practices and principles of Unity. Its purpose is to establish policies that enrich the functioning of our church, oversee the financial assets, practices, and procedures of our organization, with an intention to establish and expand a positive and loving faith-based center of consciousness for Unity Church of Georgetown.

Are you interested in a position on the Board? Email the completed Unity-Statement-of-Interest-Board form to

Members ONLY are permitted to vote. If you would like to vote, but are not a member, please complete the UCOG Membership Form(new)

Qualifications for nomination (from theUCoG Bylaws Revised_Accepted Nov 2014 (1)Section 5.2):

5.2 Qualifications. Any person elected to the Board of Trustees must be a member of the Church and someone who:

  1. Endeavors to live in accordance with principles of love and truth as taught by Unity.
  2. Desires to serve on the Board.
  3. Has demonstrated leadership capabilities which are not based solely on business success or financial resources. Examples of leadership capabilities include, but are not limited to, managerial experience, financial and budgetary responsibilities, strategic planning, excellent communications skills, sound judgment, confidentiality, impartiality, and a history of leading by example.
  4. Furthers the work of this ministry through his or her active participation, love, and support.
  5. Is a sincere and continuing student of Unity, conversant with its teachings.  Is not otherwise disqualified by these bylaws from serving on the Board.

From our By-Laws: 

“The Board of Trustees shall consist of the Senior Minister/Credentialed Leader and six members elected from the membership of the Church. Each elected Board member shall hold office for three years or until a successor is duly elected. The terms of at least two elected Board members shall expire annually and their positions shall be filled by vote at the annual membership meeting. No elected Board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. Any person who serves on the Board more than half of a term shall be credited with having served a full term. An elected Board member who has served two consecutive terms shall be eligible to be re-elected or appointed to the Board, provided at least twelve months have expired since the end of their last term served. Only one Minister/Credentialed Leader may serve on the Board at the same time.”