Would you like to meet new people, volunteer in our Church community or in the greater community area?  Look no further, we would love to find a place for you to serve!

Volunteer Ministry

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up to receive our email announcements and communications about various volunteer opportunities.   Sign up here!  For more information or to join one of our volunteer teams, please email us through the contact page here.

We look forward to learning about your area of interest and passion.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Worship service
Prayer chaplain team
Angel team (in reach)
Benevolence committee
Fun and Fellowship Committee – If you are interested in helping plan the 2017 UCOG concert, and other Unity Church of Georgetown gatherings, contact us here and let us know you want to join the Fun and Fellowship Team.

Unity Church of Georgetown Choir

Can you sing? If you are interested in singing in a Unity of Georgetown choir, email the church here.

Marketing Expertise Needed

Got ideas for marketing our church? If you are interested in guiding our marketing efforts, please let Linda know or email the church here.




Book Club

The Fourth Tuesday of everyone month from 10 am to noon at the Sun City Activities Center. 

“Jesus to Christ” —  The Early Christians

How did a small Jewish sect become the Christian church?
Why was it embraced by the Empire that sent Jesus to his death?

The Book Club is viewing the four PBS videos on “Jesus to Christ”.  The book club will be watching the 3rd video on Feb. 27 and the 4th video on March 26th, 2018.    Watch the videos now

This FRONTLINE series is an intellectual and visual guide to the historical evidence which challenges familiar assumptions about the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity.

Come join us!  All are welcome.

Men’s Group

The Men’s Group meeting the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 1:30 pm at the Georgetown Library at 1:30.

Our meeting room is on the 2nd. floor of the library. Go to the librarian’s desk on the 2nd. floor and turn right down the vestibule to the first office on the right.