Unity Church of Georgetown


Home and Homesickness – January 17, 2021

 Several of our congregants have spoken to me regarding how difficult they found the opening chapters of our study last fall of Falling Upward. These ideas were hard, I’ve been told, but true; hard, but useful, hard, but edifying. What is the cost of avoiding the hard stuff?          “The shape of evil… Read More

Introduction to Tapping – January 20th @ 7 pm

Join Cathy Schwanke on January 20th at 7 pm for an introduction to Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique.  Join Cathy on Zoom for a quick history of Tapping, the nuts and bolts on how to tap and why you would want to tap everyday.  We will go through several tapping exercises as well… Read More

Preparing Our Hearts – January 10, 2021

Unity teaches that “words have the power and authority of the originating consciousness.” That’s a mouthful, but any effort to parse and understand the profound implication of this tenet is worth it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture of this sculpture by Albert György is more than sufficient to communicate whatever… Read More

White Stone Service with Mendhi Audlin- January 3, 2021

Mendhi Audlin is the author of “What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility.” She served as a pioneering spiritual leader at Unity of Wimberley, and it the founder and original Network Producer for Unity Online Radio (previously Unity.FM). She now leads a virtual community called “The What If UP Club,” helping people… Read More

Burning Bowl Service – December 27, 2020

The Sunday AFTER Christmas (December 27), Unity Church of Georgetown will be joining Rev. Eileen Ramsey’s congregation in Cuchara Colorado for their Sunday morning service at 11:30 am (Texas time). This service will include a Burning Bowl service, so be sure to bring a pencil and paper to write down everything you would like to release from this past year—you… Read More

God’s Time – December 20, 2020

A week from tonight we will gather for our annual Christmas Eve service. We will listen to ancient stories of hope and promise and the light that shines in a darkness that is no match for incarnate love. Even if we’ve heard them many times before, these stories draw us in because like all stories they… Read More

“Giving Birth to Christ” – December 13, 2020

 Richard Rohr’s Daily meditation this week centers around the theme “Giving Birth to Christ.” Rohr quotes from Thomas Merton’s Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander, in which Merton describes the true identity that he seeks in contemplative prayer as a point vierge [virgin point] at the center of his being, “a point untouched by illusion, a point of pure… Read More

The History and Use of the Crystal Bowl

Join Ann Kennedy on Wednesday, Dec. 30th at 7:00 pm as she shares the history and use of the crystal bowl.  This will be a zoom class, so no need to drive or wear a mask! Ann will guide you through a brief history of how the crystal bowl developed and how the bowl is… Read More

Advent: The Season of Waiting – December 6, 2020

One of my favorite songs of Advent—the season of waiting, the season of promise—is, O Come, Emmanuel. It’s not just the lyrics or even the melody, though both are beautiful. It’s that in the hands of musicians who will allow it, the song captures a raw longing, the soul’s longing for an experience of, a palpable… Read More