Prayer Changes Everything – May 16, 2021

Dear Friends,We have a very special service this Sunday as we dedicate the UnityChurch of Georgetown Prayer Chaplains into a new year of sacred service.They have spent this past year faithfully holding each member andcongregant in God’s tender loving care, seeing through any issues to thetruth of God’s presence in each person and in their… Read More

The Christ in Me – May 9, 2021

Dear UCOH Family, This Sunday we are going to continue the theme started by Rev. Eileen that the Presence of God is always with us, without fail.  But what if it feels like my prayers aren’t being answered?  What do I do now? Catherine Ponder reminds us that God always says YES to the highest… Read More

The Right Side – May 2, 2021

In his book, “In the Flow of Life”, Rev. Eric Butterworth opens the second chapter with an interesting statement – “Some people get all the breaks!”  Have you ever noticed that some people seem to live a ‘charmed life’ and some barely scrape by?  Are you one of those people, or are you one who notices it… Read More

Unexpect the Expected and Expect the Unexpected – April 25, 2021

Dear UCOG Family, Almost twenty years ago, I worked for a company that introduced a marketing campaign entitled, “Unexpect the Expected.” Its purpose was to showcase to our existing and prospective clients that our developers and support staff could deliver products and services far beyond what they could expect from our competitors. Our commitment was… Read More

The Resurrection Reality – April 18, 2021

Last  Sunday we began an inquiry into the nature and character of a life lived in the context of resurrection, how this remarkable idea/event plays out in our day-to-day living, and how we can prepare ourselves to live into the reality of resurrection’s promise, use these promises to shape what’s next in our almost, sort… Read More

Into Action: Living the Promises of Resurrection – April 11, 2021

As we begin our almost, sort of, nearly-there post-pandemic life, how can we use the context of resurrection to shape what comes next? What does ancient wisdom and the example of the One who shows us the way say about how we put the hope, promise, and guidance of Easter into action? Join us Sunday… Read More

Palm Sunday Service – March 27, 2021

The archetypical stories of Holy Week speak of the greatest challenges of the human experience and tell of the power that sustains and guides us through these challenges. These stories tell of a truth—beyond precepts and yes, even beyond principles—that helps us receive this guiding, sustaining power within. I hope you will join us this… Read More

The Eleventh Commandment – March 21, 2021

Rev. Eileen Ramsey makes a return visit to Georgetown this Sunday.  We’re all familiar with the literal understanding of the Ten Commandments. Jesus condensed the Ten into the Two Great Commandments, to make their deeper meaning easier for us to understand. He further simplified the two into one, so that the message could not be… Read More

Healing and Peace – March 14, 2021

The UCOG Prayer Chaplain Team will be leading the Sunday Service this week on Healing and Peace. Penny Seay will be delivering the Proclamation. The Prayer Chaplains want to honor this past year of change and the pandemic. You will hear Dan McMurrough sing some beautiful new songs, we will have a candle lighting ceremony for healing and a guided… Read More

Things Which Matter Most – March 7, 2021

We welcome Rev. Steve Bolen as our guest speaker this week.  Rev. Steve will be joining us from his home in Georgia.  Having been raised in the study of metaphysics and mysticism, when Rev. Steve Bolen found Unity in the early 1980s, he intuitively knew it was the spiritual path that he was to take. Over… Read More