The Board has initiated a plan to make each Sunday at UCOG just a little bit safer. Every Sunday before you arrive, all doors to the outside are checked to ensure they are locked. All inside offices are checked as well to make sure they are empty. Front doors are monitored continuously from 10:00 am until 10:30 am, at which time the doors lock automatically. The front doors will continue to be monitored for those who may show up a little late. The two inside doors to the Sanctuary can be locked if the need ever arises. If something out of the ordinary is detected during Service, the authorities will be notified immediately. We are told it should take less than 2 minutes for the Georgetown Police to respond to the 911 call with our proximity to downtown Georgetown.

Being at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce has the added benefits of its limited access entry locations, a very secure building, and it’s proximity to downtown. We feel very fortunate we have such a secure location and are now adding to that, with a few volunteers giving of their time to help keep us just a little safer each week. If anyone would like to see our whole safety plan for each Sunday, or volunteer to be part of the Safety Team, just drop us an email here.