We meet on Sunday mornings at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (1 Chamber Way). There is ample parking in the Chamber parking lot or on the street in front of the Chamber. By 10:00 a.m. there will be friendly, helpful people in the Chamber foyer to greet you and welcome you! We are an inclusive bunch. Whether you have been attending church all your life or have never stepped foot in a church—you are welcome. Bring your questions, bring your doubts, bring your hopes! All are welcome!

Before our Sunday worship service:

Every other week at 9:30 a.m., The Quest Class meets in the Chamber’s Board Room.   Learn more about Unity and Truth principles in The Quest.  Our Prayer Chaplain Donna Sue Weaver facilitates the class.  This is a great way to be introduced to basic Unity principles.  Each class is “stand alone”, so feel free to join anytime.  Check the calendar for the next class date. 

10:30 a.m. Worship Service:

At 10:30 a.m. we gather for our weekly service in the large Chamber meeting room just to the right of the entrance.


We are a casual bunch; most opt for casual attire, especially in the summer!

Children’s Sunday School

We can accommodate children toddlers to tweens for Sunday school, which is led by Donna Sue Weaver, Certified Spiritual Educator, assisted by trained teachers and “angels”.  All of the teachers and angels have undergone a background check. All children are also more than welcome at our worship service.

Infant Care

We are not set up to accommodate this age group at this time, but if you have a need for us to explore that as a possibility, please let us know and we will set an intention to make that happen. Infants are more than welcome at our worship service.


Our service begins with a few announcements regarding upcoming events at the church and then we prepare ourselves for worship with the ringing of a crystal bowl and singing the congregational song, “In the Midst of God’s Presence.” led by Dan McMurrough, (read more about our music team here).  After the opening song, we have a time of “passing the peace” / greeting one another. We then open with a brief prayer, welcome visitors, and sing another congregational song.


We have readings from Unity’s Daily Word or other inspirational sources and three or four affirmations—short powerful prayers—that we say together as a congregation.

Community Prayer

We have a time of community prayer and sing the Lord’s Prayer together.


One of our fabulous soloists sings an anthem selected to accompany the Sunday message. Our music is a blend of both traditional hymns (many “Unitized” with inclusive language) as well as some contemporary songs.

Sunday Message

The Sunday message is usually no longer than 20 minutes and focuses on the inner, contemplative dimensions the Gospels and Unity Principles. Our Sunday messages are positive, loving and inclusive. We are a community of faith seeking to grow in our awareness of the “kingdom within.” In interpreting scripture, we explore the inner, metaphysical meanings for practical ways to apply these teachings to our daily lives.


We believe in the power of prayer and affirm the need to “Be still,” by engaging in a regular meditation practice. Our Sunday message is followed by a meditation. It begins as a guided meditation, our soloist then sings a brief meditation song, and we sit in silence for approximately three minutes.

Practicing Abundance

We close with an Offertory song and participate in the spiritual practice of giving to our church.


We close with another congregational song and end with Unity’s Prayer of Protection. On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate birthdays by singing “Happy Birthday” to those born in the current month stand. There is also birthday cake on Birthday Sunday brought by volunteers who have signed up in advance to bring the cake.

After our service:

Fellowship time

We have some fabulous cooks who bring snacks on a volunteer basis for our fellowship time. Please make plans to sample some of the wonderful fare and visit with us. We would like to get to know you!

Individual Prayer available

Unity was built on prayer and has a wonderful, rigorous Chaplain training. Unity Church of Georgetown is fortunate to have four Unity trained Prayer Chaplains, one of whom is on duty each week to offer individual prayer before and after our service.