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The Resurrection Reality – April 18, 2021

Last  Sunday we began an inquiry into the nature and character of a life lived in the context of resurrection, how this remarkable idea/event plays out in our day-to-day living, and how we can prepare ourselves to live into the reality of resurrection’s promise, use these promises to shape what’s next in our almost, sort… Read More

Into Action: Living the Promises of Resurrection – April 11, 2021

As we begin our almost, sort of, nearly-there post-pandemic life, how can we use the context of resurrection to shape what comes next? What does ancient wisdom and the example of the One who shows us the way say about how we put the hope, promise, and guidance of Easter into action? Join us Sunday… Read More

Fun & Fellowship – Inquiring Minds Schedule

April 20 (Tuesday) at 7 pm: Creative Writing/Prayer Journal with Stephen Smith   Sign up here In this workshop, we will be exploring several creative writing activities and games that can help us stoke our creative energy and connect with the inner child.  Come with paper and pencil and leave your inhibitions at the door!  Here… Read More

Prayer Requests for our Prayer Chaplains

Are you missing one on one prayer with a prayer chaplain on Sunday morning? Send your prayer request and the Chaplains will take your requests into prayer.

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