Unity Church of Georgetown


Prayer Changes Everything – May 16, 2021

Dear Friends,We have a very special service this Sunday as we dedicate the UnityChurch of Georgetown Prayer Chaplains into a new year of sacred service.They have spent this past year faithfully holding each member andcongregant in God’s tender loving care, seeing through any issues to thetruth of God’s presence in each person and in their… Read More

The Christ in Me – May 9, 2021

Dear UCOH Family, This Sunday we are going to continue the theme started by Rev. Eileen that the Presence of God is always with us, without fail.  But what if it feels like my prayers aren’t being answered?  What do I do now? Catherine Ponder reminds us that God always says YES to the highest… Read More

Fun and Fellowship Events

Check out all the events the Fun and Fellowship Committee has planned for the next few months. Enjoy a nature walk, plays, concerts and more! Saturday, May 15th: Outdoor nature/bird walk with Dean Saulmon 9:00 am Berry Springs Park and Preserve; meet at the parking lot after the restrooms. Link to the Park. Bring a… Read More

The Right Side – May 2, 2021

In his book, “In the Flow of Life”, Rev. Eric Butterworth opens the second chapter with an interesting statement – “Some people get all the breaks!”  Have you ever noticed that some people seem to live a ‘charmed life’ and some barely scrape by?  Are you one of those people, or are you one who notices it… Read More

Unexpect the Expected and Expect the Unexpected – April 25, 2021

Dear UCOG Family, Almost twenty years ago, I worked for a company that introduced a marketing campaign entitled, “Unexpect the Expected.” Its purpose was to showcase to our existing and prospective clients that our developers and support staff could deliver products and services far beyond what they could expect from our competitors. Our commitment was… Read More

Prayer Requests for our Prayer Chaplains

Are you missing one on one prayer with a prayer chaplain on Sunday morning? Send your prayer request and the Chaplains will take your requests into prayer.

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