Unity Church of Georgetown


The Love That Never Ends – September 12, 2021

The whole concern of doctrine and its teaching must be directed to the love that never ends. Whether something is proposed for belief, for hope, or for action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of [the spiritual journey] spring from love and… Read More

Consciously Chosen Love – September 5, 2021

As one national columnist points out, the changing nature of Covid “asks that we take fresh stock every few days. That we reshuffle our responses accordingly. It asks us not to be only one way or only the other, but to make informed and enlightened decisions dependent on context and to accept that there won’t… Read More

That Pesky Free Will – August 29, 2021

This Sunday, I’ll be focusing on the Faculty or Ability of Will. Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore considered Will the “executive faculty” because without Will, none of the other faculties could develop in our consciousness. Imagine how powerful our lives could be if we called on our most elevated level of consciousness to make the important choices in our lives.

MLK’s Guidelines for Loving Your Enemies – August 22, 2021

Wildfires, earthquakes, Covid, Afghanistan—all would be difficult on their own, but have taken a particularly heavy toll as fingers point and grace for one another seems in short supply. How do we follow the command to love one another, much less love our “enemies,” in the midst of all this?  The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther… Read More

Wisdom Teachings as Spiritual Treatments – August 15, 2021

  Just a few weeks ago we thought the end of the pandemic was here; now a new mutation, the Delta variant, is surging. Hospital beds, especially in the ICU, are at a premium. If you have experienced renewed anxiety, sadness, or lack of motivation resulting from this new surge, you are not alone. These… Read More

Update regarding in-person gatherings

Update regarding in-person gatherings and Rev. Linda            We are once again facing a COVID19 surge, this time with an even more transmissible variant. The unvaccinated are taking the brunt of this surge, yet the vaccinated but unmasked can contract the virus and transmit it to others. The rate of new… Read More

The Still Small Voice Within – August 8, 2021

The quest for the Holy Grail at some point hinged on asking the right question. Grappling with the pertinent question in a given situation can break open new meaning, reveal new insights, point to new directions. How the question is posed makes all the difference. Demanding a right answer backs us in a corner. Inquiring… Read More

Join a Listening Room

While the Spiritual Leader Search Team waits to hear from potential candidates, they are inviting the congregation to participate in small focus groups — “Listening Rooms” — in order to “take the pulse” of our Church and gather information — your thoughts and concerns about the future of UCOG. There are several ways that you… Read More

Hearing God’s Voice – August 1, 2021

I have heard the term “dog days of summer” all my life. The ancient Greeks believed that the heat and humidity of this end-of summer-time made dogs go mad, and that Sirius, the Dog Star which rose with the sun, was actually adding to the sun’s heat. August heralds the dog days. Though we in… Read More