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Being Totally Received as We Truly Are – February 28, 2021

The falling became the standing. The stumbling became the finding. The dying became the rising. The raft became the shore . . . Many of us discover “the Great Divine Gaze” in times of such falling—the ultimate I-Thou relationship—which is always compassionate and embracing. Like any true mirror, the gaze of God receives us exactly… Read More

Inquiring Minds: Intro to the Enneagram – March 24th

Facilitated by Rev. Christine Wagner at 7:00pmSign up here Rev. Christine Wagner will offer an introduction and brief overview of the Enneagram, a spiritual tool which can help us uncover and release the layers of our personality that are in the way of revealing our true nature. Rev. Christine has experienced increased freedom and compassion for… Read More

New Directions New Creations – February 21, 2021

Humanity is like an enormous spider web so that if you touch it anywhere, you set the whole thing trembling . . . As we move around this world and as we act with kindness, perhaps, or with indifference, or with hostility, toward the people we meet, we too are setting that great spider web… Read More

Inquiring Minds, February 24, 2021

Wednesday  February 24: Chris Schwanke on Scamming Prevention and Recognition, & Security  Sign up here Chris will give examples of the latest ways scammers are tricking people into parting with their money.  Chris will give examples of the latest ways scammers are tricking people into parting with their money and how those scams evolve.  In… Read More

To Know God, You Must First Know Yourself – February 14, 2021

 The last time someone pointed out your faults or criticized your actions, how did you respond? In a calm, measured, beatific manner, right? Full of gratitude for that person’s candid observation, yes? Hmmm. We are the darnedest critters! As Richard Rohr points out in Falling Upward, it takes about a nano second after we have been… Read More

Notice of Annual Meeting March 7, 2021

Meeting Date: March 7th immediately after our Zoom service: Meeting Business: Vote on Two Open Board positions:  We have two candidates for the two open board positions. Brenda Ford and Kathi Harrison have both decided to run for their empty seats.  We have had no other nomination forms submitted.  Statement of Interest from Kathi Harrison.… Read More

A Vision of a Transformed Life – February 7, 2021

A very astute congregant observed that living through a world pandemic can leave one feeling “foggy brained”—having difficulty concentrating, especially on difficult material like that which we have encountered in our study of Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward. I get it! I have experienced the same thing, which is why it has been such a gift… Read More

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