Unity Church of Georgetown


October – November Events

We have lots of fun events planned for October and November. Please join us and be sure to register so we can update you!

Encounter the Holy Presence – October 10, 2021

The last few weeks we have been focusing on ways in which to encounter the Divine Presence. A few weeks ago, we talked about encountering God in the beauty of the created world all around us. The last couple of weeks the focus has been on encountering the Divine in our communal worship experience. This… Read More

Called to What? – October 3, 2021

“Ecclesiastical,” a fancy word used to refer to things relating to church, comes from the Greek word ekklēsía a compound word—ek, meaning  “out/ from/to,“ and kaléō, “to call”.  It refers to people who have been called out from the world and to God. Another Greek word translated as “church,” koinoia, refers to a type of fellowship or communion between those who have been called out from the world to… Read More

Church! Who Needs It? – September 26, 2021

That’s how more and more people are feeling about church these days. Church attendance has been on a steady decline for the better part of the last century. Add to that the COVID pandemic, and many churches are struggling to bring people back in on Sundays.   Have we given up on God? Some might… Read More

Prayer Requests for our Prayer Chaplains

Are you missing one on one prayer with a prayer chaplain on Sunday morning? Send your prayer request and the Chaplains will take your requests into prayer.