Manifesting a World That Works for Everyone – Oct. 15, 2017

New Thought author Emmet Fox famously said, “you can have either your demonstration or your anger, but you cannot have both.” By demonstration he means manifesting peace and harmony in your relationships and daily endeavors, manifesting a world that works for everyone. Anger has become an ever-present part in our public discourse. We have only… Read More

How do we know what we know? Oct. 1. 2017

How do we know what we know? That’s the fundamental question at the root of the study of metaphysics and one of the key questions we need to address when we ponder our part in the evolution of consciousness. We will be examining one of the foundational paradoxes of being human: We are mere sparks in… Read More

The Joy of Living – Sept. 24, 2017

This Sunday we will explore joy and living at their essence.  We will discover some reasons why we, even with everything we know about New Thought, might not have the level of joy we would like to have.  Then, we will share and experience some methods of increasing the experience of joy in our daily lives. I… Read More

Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017

We live within the paradox so clearly demonstrated this week by the end of Cassini space mission: We are mere sparks in the vast darkness of the cosmos—AND—we are, paradoxically, an incarnation of consciousness itself. Maybe we are the universe’s consciousness experiment. If so, a path for that evolution of consciousness has clearly been set before us… Read More

Sermon on the Mount – Part 1 September 10, 2017

Emmet Fox, in his iconic Sermon on the Mount, says that the poor in spirit (who, according to the Gospel of Matthew, are blessed) are those who “have gotten rid of the love of money and property, gotten rid of fear of public opinion, of the disapproval of relatives or friends . . . they have… Read More

Emmet Fox’s Prayer Treatment – September 3, 2017

Join us in a special prayer service this Sunday! Our hearts are torn by the images we have seen this week as the impact of floods and storms continue to unfold, both on the Gulf Coast and, though there has been less coverage of it, in India as well. There are a variety of tangible… Read More

The Day We Looked Up, August 27, 2017

For just a few moments Monday, millions of people in our country looked up. “Staggering numbers” congregated at prime eclipse-viewing sites—shedding for a moment the social markers that divide one another—to experience what Helen Macdonald, a research scholar at the University of Cambridge, called the “wordless solidarity born of witnessing the death and rebirth of the sun.” The… Read More

“Wait!” August 20, 2017

It feels good to be in the flow, to know where we are going, and how life is playing out for us.  What happens, though, when we get caught in those places/relationships/jobs where things don’t feel so great, where we know it’s time to move on, but we have no clear direction telling us where to… Read More

“The Compassionate Stranger” Aug 13, 2017

In Matthew 25: 31-46, Jesus encourages people to live faithfully, and to extend kindness to those in need. He goes on to say that those who do will be rewarded with eternal life, while those who ignore those in need will suffer in eternal punishment. What is the message of this story, since we know… Read More

How to Let God Help You, Chapter 5, Aug 6, 2017

People make the mistake “of believing in Christ intellectually,” said Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore in How to Let God Help You. “They have no concept of the esoteric meaning of Jesus Christ’s words and consequently have no power to demonstrate them.” When we don’t understand the esoteric nature of these teachings, have we, as the Gospel… Read More