March 10, 2019 The Passion Introduction

Forty days of flooding in the Book of Genesis, a forty-day walk by Elijah to the mountain of God, forty years of wandering through the wilderness heading to the Promised Land, forty days of temptation in the desert. Floods, wilderness wanderings, and desert temptations—these stories are not so much history or geography as they are… Read More

Transfiguration March 3, 2019

This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday. We are heading up the mountain again, away from the plains of last Sunday. Jesus goes to the mountain top with Peter, James, and John to pray.

Harbingers of Spring 2-24-2019

Last year in early March our front yard’s Silver Leaf Maple hosted a woodpecker from, well, I don’t know exactly where. He/She made an appearance again last Saturday, nearly three weeks earlier than last year—the chosen pecking spot just slightly higher and to the right of last year’s spot. I’ve read that woodpeckers prefer a… Read More

How will you make Love manifest? 2-17-2019

On this day, decades ago, at Dan D. Rogers Elementary School in Dallas, brown paper lunch sacks decorated with hearts and flowers and taped to the edge of each student’s desk provided the repository for the Valentine’s cards that would be surreptitiously deposited throughout the day. The suspense was palpable. Whose Valentine would show up… Read More

February 10, 2018 – Deeper Engagement

I came across a book last night that intrigues me. It’s called, After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity. Engagement and connection are at the heart of the idea of the Trinity. Love longing to know and be known. Seems like I’m not the only one who has felt this longing… Read More

February 3, 2019 – Being with What Is.

The Gospel of Thomas, says the spiritual author Cynthia Bourgeault, offers an expanded picture of Jesus’ foundational metaphysics. It confirms, she asserts that he was, first and foremost, a master of conscious transformation. She argues that his teachings (especially as outlined in Thomas’ Gospel) set forth “a vision of wholeness in which this physical plane… Read More

Jan 27, 2019 – Spiritual Friendship

“A recent Cigna study places loneliness at the root of an emerging health crisis,” says Kendra Weddle, chair of religion, humanities, and interdisciplinary studies at Texas Wesleyan University. In her recent article concerning “spiritual friendship in an age of loneliness,” Weddle cites the study as saying, “Twenty-seven percent of Americans rarely or never feel understood,… Read More

Jan. 20, 2019 – What does kenosis, the path of self-emptying, look like in our daily lives?

The question arose this past Sunday as to exactly how does one come to understand and follow the spiritual path described in Cynthia Bourgeault’s The Wisdom Jesus— the spiritual path of kenosis, self-emptying? As Bourgeault points out, this path is, for most of us, spiritually counterintuitive:“For the vast majority of the world’s spiritual seekers, the way to… Read More

January 13, 2019 – Dancing the Trinity

 When our Unity ancestors began articulating the traditional Father-Son-Spirit idea of the Trinity as Mind-Idea-Expression, they joined a long line of those who have contemplated this mystery.  In the 4th century contemplative Wisdom school in Cappadocia, teachers began articulating the eternal archetype of the Trinity as dynamic states of being—states that change, like water changes… Read More