A Flourishing Life, Part 2 – Sept. 15, 2019

          It rained this week. I was looking for something in my closet and wondered, what is that noise? It’s been that long. I stepped outside and was instantly struck by rain’s sweet aroma, a cleansing, a quenching of something parched deep within, a smell of hope and renewal.    … Read More

What is Truly Worth Desiring? – Sept. 8, 2019

That may be one of the most critical questions we ask. How do our desires promote—or detract—from a flourishing life? Join us this Sunday as we continue a conversation about what Volf asserts is the entirety of the Christian faith: flourishing life—good life, true life, abundant life, or the life that really is life.

A Flourishing Life – Sept. 1, 2019

To change the world we need an “I have a dream” speech, not an “I have a complaint” speech, says the contemporary theologian Miroslov Volf, Founder and Director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture.

Politics and a Parable – August 25, 2019

Joni Lorraine and John Fleming join us this week as our Guest Speakers.  Joni and John will be speaking on Politics and a Parable: Expanding our Perspectives to Create Peace. Also this Sunday, Chair Yoga at 9:30 am in the Chamber Library and Brown Bag Luncheon with Norm Nitchke after Service – bring your lunch

The Universal Christ – Part 2, July 14, 2019

This Sunday: We welcome Debbie Cole as our speaker this week.  Be sure to read chapters 3 and 4 before Sunday Service.  Ways to deepen your study of The Universal Christ: Download the Study Guide Here  Listen to the Podcast The Universal Christ on Amazon

The Universal Christ – Part 1, July 7, 2019

This Sunday: We begin our Summer Series studying The Universal Christ.  This week Cathy will begin by focusing on the first two chapters.  We will explore our current understanding of “The Christ”, what Unity teaches and discover what Richard Rohr means when he says “God pouring God’s self into all creation”.  See you Sunday!

The Perfect Question – June 23, 2019

I took a class in seminary from Rabbi Neil Blumofe, Senior Rabbi of Austin’s Agudas Achim community. The class, titled The Perfect Question, introduced us to the practice of “midrash,” a method of responding to contemporary problems by probing the connections between current realities and the ancient truths found in Scripture, connections that help us craft new stories, new possibilities out of which we can direct our lives.

Asleep or Awake—Which Do You Choose? – June 16, 2019

In the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, we find a persistent character called “Wisdom” (“Sophia” in the Greek translations). “Wisdom” is thought by many scholars to represent the feminine personification of God.  Many schools of thought considered Jesus of Nazareth to be the incarnation of Sophia/Wisdom.